Hello! This is the résumé & portfolio of

Ruthie BenDor,

a talented web designer & developer in San Francisco.

Meet Ruthie.

Ruthie loves the web. She has worked online for almost a decade designing, building, and maintaining websites. As of December 2011, she maintains the website of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, builds amazing sites for her clients, and unofficially evangelizes the ExpressionEngine CMS by organizing the BostonEErs, a Meetup group for ExpressionEngine users and aficionados.

She's a skilled developer.

When writing new front-end code, Ruthie hand-crafts elegant markup, maintainable styles, and efficient scripts. She ensures that webpages load fast and render properly cross-browser and cross-platform. Ruthie also audits and, when necessary, refactors existing code to meet changed project goals.

Though primarily a front-end developer, Ruthie also knows her way around a LAMP stack. She's written small PHP tools, designed and administered MySQL databases, tweaked .htaccess and .htpasswd files, and implemented version control systems. She does not fear the command line.

She's also…

a thoughtful designer

Ruthie believes in designing from the content out. She thinks deeply about user interaction and website usability issues. She loves grids, knows how to implement them, and when to break them. She's an aspiring type nerd, too.

& clear communicator

Ruthie speaks and easily translates between the dialects of designer, programmer, manager, and client.
She has run trainings and presented before both technical and non-technical audiences.

who loves to learn.

Ruthie spends an hour or more each day reading technical blogs and discussing the topic du jour on Twitter. Ruthie's also an active member of the local programmer community, attending lectures, demos, and hack nights every chance she gets.

Ruthie speaks

Her experience.

Open Source Contributor at ThinkUp App

March 2010 — Present

That magical thing you did with organizing the assets folder—that was a huge help.

Gina Trapani, project lead

ThinkUp is an installable web app that collects and organizes replies to your conversations on Twitter and Facebook. Ruthie has cleaned up Smarty template files, rewritten HTML to pass validation, moved CSS into external stylesheets, and set up a system to handle future front-end code changes. She also wrote or adapted large portions of the project style guide.

Founder & Organizer at BostonEErs

December 2009 — Present

Ruthie's presentation was exceptionally cogent and useful. Exactly what I wanted to know, presented in a way that was interesting and pleasant.

Annie, attendee

After noticing that there was no user group in the Boston area for ExpressionEngine CMS users and administrators, Ruthie started one. As of July 2010, the BostonEErs have over 60 members. Each month, Ruthie schedules and holds a meetup at which she either presents or facilitates a discussion around that month's topic.

Getting Started with EE

Presentation and Demo

Presented on March 23, 2010

EE Add-on Essentials

Presentation and Moderated Discussion

Presented on May 5, 2010

All About EE2


Presented on May 5, 2010

Interaction Designer at Gracombe IT Solutions, LLC

September 2009 — Present

Gracombe IT works primarily with foundations and private charities. I've subcontracted on a string of successful projects for Gracombe IT's clients.

Klarman Family Foundation

Holding page.

Slated for September 2010

Project description goes here.

Webmaster at GLAD

October 2007 — Present

You filled a vital role in the post decision publicity—coming in on quick notice, and helping out in other ways, too.

Alyson Lie, colleague

Ruthie's help was key, too. If she didn't come in there would have been major issues.

Laura Kiritsy, colleague

In this part-time position, I maintain, support, and extend the capabilities of GLAD.org. In addition to daily maintenance, I have written event registration, donation, and online raffle tools in PHP/MySQL, and have also designed the occasional HTML email. I am currently refactoring the front-end codebase.

Reporting Tool

Implemented Version Control

Consultant at Unruthless Interactive

2006 — Present

IT Manager at MassEquality

March 2007 — October 2007

IT Manager at American Anti-Slavery Group

December 2006 — February 2007

Webmaster at San Diego High School

June 2003 — June 2004

Ruthie seeks

A position where she can collaborate with her brilliant colleagues and make the world better each day.

Let's talk.